Pharmaceutical ingredients

Pharmaceutical Department

Kreglinger Europe’s Pharma department aims to supply the Pharma and Food supplements market with highly specialized and exclusive quality ingredients such as Krill oil, Red Yeast Rice, Oyster Mushroom extract and many others. Fully understanding the issues of the industry, low heavy metal content and strict pesticide residue control etc are matters of our daily concern. Through formulation support and finding the right ingredients, we help our customers reach the next level.


Given the proliferation of OTC (Over The Counter) products, the end of certain pharmaceutical patents and the appearance of generics, competition is increasingly fierce in the pharmaceutical sector. The food supplement sector has become very competitive as well. Therefore, products must differentiate themselves from each other and be as attractive as possible; differentiating a product using flavour that makes your product more pleasant to take, is one solution that will probably assure a certain success. Kreglinger specialties offers many flavours and excipients which make it possible to develop unique tastes. Depending on the application, the flavours we recommend, are liquid (lipo- or hydrosoluble), in powder form natural or not, or even organic. In case of registration of a medicine, the qualitative composition of a flavour can be disclosed in the frame of a confidentiality agreement.

Taste masking

The majority of active ingredients used in finished products (API, vitamins, plant extracts, etc.) have an unpleasant taste making them unpleasant to consume. The taste of the finished product is crucial as it determines how easy it is for patients/customers to use them, and therefore how commercially successful the product will be. For many years, Kreglinger specialties has offered taste masking solutions based on the excipients of our numerous suppliers as well as on the expertise of the technicians in our laboratory. As part of our service, we test various combinations of flavours and excipients at different dosages on our clients’ finished products in order to optimize the taste. We work on the liquid (syrups) and solid (sticks and tablets) dosage forms, according to the demands from the customers for a certain family of tastes, and with excipients (sweeteners, colours and flavours) that can be natural if needed.


The use of minerals in food supplements, is widely spread but nevertheless, the selection of a mineral for a particular application is still a delicate operation since it is subject to many technical, organoleptic, biological, chemical, legal and financial constraints. Kreglinger Specialties supports its clients to choose among the ranges of several mineral producers in order to make the appropriate choice for this application that eventually also be guided by the 13.1 EFSA claims on minerals. These minerals and chelates are conforming to the regulations in force such as the Regulation 1170/2009/EC about the “Vitamins & Minerals in Foods and food Supplements”, the directive 2008/100/ CE on the Recommended Daily Dosages as well as the recent regulation 231/2012 on the purity of food additives. We can also supply the minerals in “Low Heavy Metals” version complying with the finished products requirements of the Regulation 629/2008/ EC regarding “Contaminants in foodstuffs”.


Kreglinger Specialties’ Pharma & Food Supplements department supplies the pharmaceutical industry with many excipients for the major galenic forms used in this sector. And this for their biological, technical, texturizing or taste functions. Our pharmaceutical excipients conform with European pharmacopoeia and aim to improve the solubility and the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble actives and their release profile in the blood. Our food supplement excipients meet the requirements of the European and national legislations in force, among which the one on the Food additives. As numerous tests have to be carried out to develop a new formulation, we provide samples as well as the relative documentation within the shortest time frame.

Natural Excipients & ingredients

Historically, plants have always been used by man to look after himself or to prevent disease. These days, they are mainly found in food supplements or prescribed medicines. Kreglinger Specialties offers a wide range of powders and plant extracts originating from Europe, Asia or America for various applications. These extracts conform to the European standards in force relating to heavy metals, extraction solvents, GMOs, etc. Some of our natural ingredients are supported by a health claim of the EFSA such as, for example, our red yeast rice standardized in monacolin K that has received a health claim in 13.1 on the maintenance of a normal blood cholesterol. Another of our ingredients is a krill oil that has been extracted with ethanol and that is extremely efficient.

Organic excipients & ingredients

Due to consumer mistrust with regards to everyday foodstuff, many people are turning to organic food, which by definition is guaranteed free of pesticides,GMOs, etc. This trend is now spreading to food related sectors and this is why increasing numbers of food supplements are being launched in organic versions, which is clearly also a marketing strategy. Since Kreglinger Specialties is constantly on the lookout for new market trends, we recently introduced a wide range of organic raw materials. Kreglinger Specialties and its organic suppliers are organic certified.

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