Industrial chemicals

Industry Department

Kreglinger Europe’s Industry Department offers a variety of specialty ingredients and consumables for processing. Key features are innovation, cross-sectoral applications and/or sustainability.

Our Markets and Applications are quite diverse; the broadest product portfolio is directed to all types of Coatings and Composites businesses.

We provide solutions and service through a close collaboration with our global principals and with the industrial value chain, including local competence centers.

Our team is geographically focused on Benelux and UK, but some non-European chemicals are supplied throughout Europe. At request we can also source specific chemicals from outside Europe, based on our long-term global relationships. Obviously we take care of REACH compliance.

The Industry Department is embedded in Kreglinger’s company structure with long-term expertise in logistics, sample management, regulatory affairs, customer service, international relationships and a large product portfolio in many businesses.

Polymers / Binders

Our specialty binders are core ingredients in the formulations of coatings, plastics or composites, but they are already providing additional key features to the final product.

Functional Additives

Kreglinger Europe provides a number of additives, giving additional properties to formulations in a most efficient and effective way. In collaboration with our principals and customers we give technical support to find the optimal formulation and chemical balance / compatibility.

Pigments and Dyes

Our colorants are used for increased visual appeal, or to comply with special technical or legal requirements.

Consumables for Processing

Processing steps should be executed as smooth and stable as possible, so that finished goods are made in a qualitative and economical way. Kreglinger offers special chemicals to achieve this goal in optimal conditions for health, safety and environment.

Sustainable Products

Research & Development is nowadays highly driven by sustainability, in order to comply with legislation, to keep up with public opinion and to secure future market share. Kreglinger offers a range of proven products with necessary accreditation or green label, and is constantly looking for new developments in this field.

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