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Who we are

G&C Kreglinger was founded in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1797 as a trading company specialising in the trade of wool and sheepskins. G&C Kreglinger has since become the group’s European holding company which remains a Belgian privately owned company.

Kreglinger Europe N.V., based in Antwerp, covers a wide range of different activities. This includes the promotion and distribution of specialty ingredients, both natural and chemical, which find applications in Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Rubber, Coating and Petroleum products and Crop Protection.

The development of Kreglinger is, to a great extent, built upon its long-term partnerships with international suppliers – each a specialist in their own field. Kreglinger has represented some of its partners for more than 50 years. While the company continues to grow, it is very proud to be one of the last independent distribution companies for specialty ingredients in the European market.

Our specialty distribution activities are closely linked to the logistics and forwarding services offered by Kregspedi; Logistics is the second important activity of the Kreglinger group in Europe.

Kreglinger Australia Pty Ltd. is the second pillar of the Kreglinger group. Established in Keilor, Victoria in 1893, its main activities range from sheep and lambskin trade, land development and real estate, to bottling and marketing of Tasmanian rain water “9” and wine production on it two wine estates in Northern Tasmania (Pipers Brook Vineyard) and South – Australia (Norfolk Rise Vineyard). Find out more on: www.kreglingerwineestates.com