LignoBase: the first non-nano lignin based cosmetic ingredient!

According to a survey conducted by open-access publisher MDPI roughly 85% of survey respondents strongly agree that ingredient origin and sustainable production are important to them. And about 70% are concerned with the environmental impact of synthetic ingredients. Also, the demand for natural and sustainable cosmetic products has been increasing over the years. Lignopure, a Hamburg-based company, has decided to manufacture a new exceptional ingredient line: LignoBase.  


Ingredients and production 

Lignopure’s new upcycled multifunctional cosmetic ingredient line, LignoBase, consists of three ingredients: 

  • LignoBase Cool BE25, derived from birch trees; 
  • LignoBase Neutral PS25, derived from pine trees; 
  • LignoBase Warm WS25, derived from wheat straw. 


Each ingredient is powered by lignin, a polyphenolic material found in the cell walls of plants that is seen as a byproduct of biorefineries, pulp and carton manufacturing. It is well known that lignin has amazing natural protective properties. But due to its sturdiness and difficult processability, over 90% of this precious material is often disposed of.  

However, thanks to Lignopure’s patented particle technology and expertise, this amazing natural material and its multitalented properties are condensed in a fine non-nano powder ready-to-use for cosmetic brands and manufacturers. This has been possible thanks to years of research and tailor-made processes to ensure the optimal lignin source for each ingredient. LignoBase offers the perfect combination of great organoleptic and performance properties, together with clean, ethical, and traceable sources with sustainable and socially responsible practices. All of this together is made 

in Lignopure’s own production plant located in Buxtehude, Germany. And it is worth mentioning that this is the Europe’s first factory to specialize in the transformation of lignin for cosmetic applications.  



Each LignoBase has a distinctive complex shade of brown coming from its plant of origin. This fact simplifies the color formulation of different formulations by reducing or replacing the use of different iron oxides as well as decreasing the undesirable white cast effect of formulations with mineralic UV filter. Some formulations in which LignoBase can be used are: CC and BB creams, tinted sunscreens, foundations, eye makeup, lipsticks, inclusive sunscreens and more!  


Multifunctional properties 

LignoBase has antioxidant, UV protectant, formulation stabilizing, oil adsorption, and natural color properties which are accompanied by a soft feeling and mattifying effect. Thanks to these multifunctional properties and its inherent polyphenolic structure, LignoBase is a free radical scavenger that protects both cosmetic formulations and the skin from damaging oxidative processes. LignoBase ingredients have shown effective protection of human skin cells against intracellular reactive oxygen species, being competitive with the standard epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC). In addition, LignoBase also acts as a natural antioxidant for formulations by stabilizing actives and other ingredients prone to oxidation. Accordingly, LignoBase has shown to boost the antioxidant activity of an oil-in-water cream by up to 30 times compared to the control. 

LignoBase also offers SPF optimization or SPF boosting capacities as one of the most attractive features within its numerous multifunctional properties. It has a unique combination of properties that optimize the performance of mineral and chemical-based sun care products. For instance, its antioxidant properties help to quench radicals and stabilize the UV filter system, while its film-forming properties allow an even dispersion of the UV filters on the skin. In-vitro tests have shown that adding LignoBase to sunscreen formulations resulted in a 50% increase in SPF.  


Natural and sustainable

If these great properties were already not enough, LignoBase’s sustainability aspects make all these three upcycled ingredients perfect for brands looking for natural biobased solutions for their cosmetic formulations. And it also offers an excellent alternative for customers who want personal care products that are multifunctional, plant-based and sustainable. Due to Lignopure’s natural, upcycled and responsibly sourced origin and the addition of its innovative manufacturing process which uses no harsh chemicals or preservatives makes this ingredient suitable for final products which are required to be vegan, halal, kosher and cruelty free. 

In sum, LignoBase is a natural and multifunctional cosmetic ingredient line that effectively protects the skin, while also offering multiple benefits for cosmetic formulations, think of: skin care, sun care, hair care and color cosmetics. It is derived from ethically sourced non-food competition biomasses and using a transformation process that preserves the natural properties of its lignin origin. Thus, LignoBase is a natural, safe and sustainable first-of-its-kind ingredient that is ready for beauty brands and manufacturers to discover!