Maximizing food safety and quality by using molecular biology kits and artificial intelligence software


TAAG Genetics is an international biotechnology firm dedicated to solving its clients’ complex real-world challenges through simple, reliable, and innovative microbiology and software solutions. TAAG Genetics is building the world’s first fully interconnected suite of multiplex molecular diagnostics kits, next generation laboratory services and AI-powered software for taking microorganism detection and identification to the next level.

Their flagship product, the TAAG F41 VIP kit, saves clients time, space, and costs by simultaneously detecting and identifying the four most dangerous pathogens in the food production industry: Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, S. aureus, and E. coli. TAAG Genetics’ spoilage PCR kits, coupled by AI software, rapidly detect and identify over 50 spoilage-causing bacteria in less than 28 hours and over 50 spoilage-causing yeasts and molds in less than 52 hours.

All TAAG kits work seamlessly with the TAAG Xpert Assistant (TxA), a powerful artificial intelligence platform designed for predicting microbial behavior, dynamic sampling, lab management, and quality assurance. TxA’s intelligent sampling strategies use correlation scores and algorithms to help clients determine the next best sampling points in their facilities, developing dynamic, preventative, and proactive microbiological safety programs that help identify and eliminate problems before they occur.

Founded in 2001, TAAG has over 20 years of experience developing solutions for the most daunting microbiological problems. They are a leader in microbiological control, food safety, clinical diagnostic testing, and sequence data mining. Learn more about TAAG Genetics on their website.