Learn how NKO™ krill oil can make the difference

NKO™ krill oil is an ingredient like no other. It consists of a krill oil concentrate, which is proven to deliver high amounts of long-chain omega-3s EPA & DHA, phospholipids, astaxanthin and choline. 

This is the market’s original krill oil concentrate allowing for more impactful, differentiated omega-3 messaging for the end-products. Aker BioMarine are the markets first suppliers of patented krill oil concentrate with clinically proven results to raise the Omega-3 Index.

NKO™ krill oil was developed using patented technology exclusive to Aker BioMarine called FlexitechTM. 

Apart from the improved look and feel, this technology also results in improved smell and taste to avoid any fishy aftertaste and -odor. 

Relying solely on low temperatures, this patented technology uses efficient fractionation methods, removing un-wanted salts and other polar constituents, while up-concentrating beneficial components like EPA/DHA, phospholipids and choline. 

Phospholipid-bound omega-3s are more efficiently absorbed and incorporated directly into cell membranes than triglyceride-bound omega-3s.

Therefore, with NKO™ krill oil, higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA are delivered where they are needed most, such as the heart, liver, brain and eyes.

Supplementation with NKO™ krill oil gives access to 4 EU authorized health claims, while other indications are backed by numerous proprietary clinical trials. 

NKO™ krill oil products are available from Kreglinger in a number of formats, namely, Bulk Oil 200 kg drum; or soft gels (500mg NKO™ krill oil, fish gelatin) MOQ 10.000 caps.

Reach out to the sales team at Kreglinger today to find out how NKO™ krill oil can help your end product become more competitive in your key growth markets, by adding clinically proven omega-3 supplements to its USPs!