How to take your sun care formulation to the next level


We are always motivated to create spaces to share andorientate the latest trends. This time we wanted to discuss Sun Care, one of the relevant topics risen lately. To make this possible, we invited 30 customers and our stellar speakers. Inolex, Gattefosse and Fazer shared their most innovative formulations related to this topic.

Why sun care?

Nowadays, consumers are not only aware of the negative effects of not applying proper protection from the sunlight. They are also mindful of the types of UV filters and the naturality of the ingredients. Consumers expect their skin products, such as moisturizers and foundations, to include protection from the sun. 

New products and formats are being developed, such as:

  • Increase of mineral sunscreens launches rather than chemical sunscreens. Mineral sunscreens are perceived safer and more natural.  
  • Products with multi-benefits. Consumers want a simpler routine, for example: a moisturizer with SPF.  
  • More natural and skin friendly ingredients. 
  • Higher SPF values.
  • Improved sensory aspects. Consumers prefer textures that are light and not greasy, fast absorbing and easy to spread.
  • New formats to make reapplication easier (sprays, powder, sticks). 


We at Kreglinger proudly presented the following ingredients, among others, that meet current demands for sun care: 

  • AAK offers LIPEX® SheaSolve™, a new tool for UV protection formulas made of shea butter.  
  • Bicosome developed Bicotene® Natural. It is a sun care delivery system that stabilizes and delivers beta-carotene molecules in deep epidermal layers.
  • Exsymol uses silanol technology to make Tyrosilane which increases skin natural protection. 


Would you like to learn more about these products, or do you have questions about any formulation? Contact your local Kreglinger partner.