Fortify your beverages with natural extracts

What are functional beverages and how can they benefit personal health?

8 out of 10 consumers worldwide plan to eat and drink more healthily as a result of COVID-19.1

Consumers are becoming more conscious than ever before. A good-tasting beverage alone is not enough. We want healthier and cleaner, natural products that additionally support our ethical and environmental beliefs. Nexira’s plant-based powders for functional beverages enable Kreglinger to meet today’s demands.

Beverages can boost energy, promote relaxation or uplift your well-being by fortifying this all with the right amount of fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. More personalised needs can also be met such as improving gut health, enhancing immunity, weight management or heightening beauty.

Natural fortified beverages

65% of consumers believe that natural products are healthier, 60% believes that they are better for the environment, 57% believes safer and 34% choses tastier. Fortify your beverages with one of Nexira’s natural ingredients to create, not only a cleaner label,  but also add targeted, nutritional health benefits such as:

Boosting energy

63% of global consumers are interested in products that offer a natural energy boost.1 Nexira’s Acerola and Guarana extracts are recommended for clean energy and vitality. These natural extracts, directly sourced in Brazil, contain vitamin C and caffeine respectively and are available in organic grade.

Sleep aid & stress management

In today’s highly competitive society 58% of global consumers are interested in products that relieve stress levels and 66% in products that improve sleep quality. 1 Nexira’s Lemon Balm extract is known to support calmness and to contribute to maintaining a healthy sleep.

Enhance immunity

Ingredients contributing to natural defences and proper functioning of the immune system are called adaptogens. After the recent covid crisis consumers are increasingly looking for vitamins, minerals and fibres to boost their immune system, such as Acerola extracts. Nexira manufactures these extracts in France using water extraction and spray-drying to preserve the intrinsic high level in vitamin C. But also inavea™ PURE ACACIA can be used to boost the immune system. This product is sourced from carefully selected acacia trees and has a guaranteed minimum content of 90% soluble dietary fibre.*

Promote cognitive health

Functional beverages enhancing cognitive health are gaining attention. These natural ingredients, called nootropics, boost focus, memory, attention, reactivity, clarity and creativity. For example Ginseng Extract can be used for enhancement of mental capacities or to prevent loss of concentration.

Improve digestive health

The interest in digestive health has seen phenomenal growth and so will the demand for functional drinks featuring prebiotics and dietary fibres. Nexira’s inaveaPURE ACACIA and BAOBAB ACACIA are carbon neutral prebiotics that enhance flora balance and gut comfort.

Benefit weight management

The most common benefit sought in food is definitely weight loss and weight management. Cactinea, derived from cactus fruit, is a weight management ingredient with strong detoxification properties. It helps to eliminate water and preserve body cells from oxidative stress.

Would you like to learn more about these products or do you have questions about functional beverages? Contact your local Kreglinger partner.


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*To be checked according to local regulations