Distribution and Supply Agreement with Averix Bio

Antwerp, BE (February  2022) Kreglinger Europe NV (Kreglinger) today announces the execution of a Distribution and Supply Agreement with Averix Bio, LLC (“Averix Bio”), a US based, North Carolina-registered company whose office is at 3040 Black Creek Road South, Wilson, N.C. 27893, USA.

With this agreement in place, Kreglinger and Averix Bio are poised to become significant suppliers in the cannabinoid products market in the UK and Europe.  Averix Bio is a manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) quality CBD isolate used in pharmaceutical, food and dietary, supplements, cosmetic, and beverage products.  Kreglinger is an established distributor of high-quality ingredients to product manufacturers in each of these industries.  The relationship will facilitate the shipment of API ingredients across Europe.

Wim Arnouts, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Kreglinger Europe, said, “Kreglinger is a trusted ingredient supplier to the pharmaceutical, food-supplement, cosmetic, food and beverage industries in the EU and UK.  With demand for CBD products on the rise, we plan to meet the needs of our customers with the best ingredients available.  We have been interested in the cannabinoid space for some time but had not found a supplier with the rigorous compliance standards that we felt necessary to enter the market.  We found that high standard in Averix,” adding, “Regulatory and safety concerns are always an issue for new products entering the market.  To minimize risk, companies will choose ingredients that provide high compliance standards to meet quality and safety requirements.  Averix Bio is a US FDA registered manufacturer of GMP Part 210 and ICH Q7 API products. These are the qualifications our customers are looking for.”

Mark Ward, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Averix Bio LLC., said, “We are excited to have been chosen by Kreglinger to bring API CBD isolate into the European market.  The growth opportunity for cannabinoid products is expanding everywhere and consumer appetite in Europe is very high.  Kreglinger is a well-known distributor with long-standing success, outstanding reputation, and an established customer network throughout Europe.  They supply industry leading companies that demand their suppliers provide the best ingredients available.  Together, Kreglinger and Averix Bio are bringing best-in-class CBD ingredients to the market.”

About Kreglinger Europe NV.

Kreglinger was founded in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1797 and covers a wide range of different activities. This includes the promotion and distribution of specialty ingredients, both natural and chemical, which find applications in Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Rubber, Coating and Petroleum products and Crop Protection. The development of Kreglinger is, to a great extent, built upon its long-term partnership with international suppliers, each are specialist in their own field. Kreglinger has represented some of its partners for more than 50 years. While the company continues to grow, it is very proud to be one of the last independent distribution companies for specialty ingredients in the European market.  Our specialty distribution activities are closely linked to the logistics and forwarding services offered by Kregspedi; Logistics is the second important activity of the Kreglinger group in Europe. If you would like more information about Kreglinger Europe NV., please visit our website https://www.kreglinger.com/ or contact us at +32 3 22 22 020.

About Averix Bio

Averix Bio is a U.S. cannabinoid research and extraction company producing 21 CFR Part 210 – compliant cGMP and ICH Q7 qualified API phytocannabinoid ingredients. The company offers high-quality cannabinoid ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, food and beverage sectors. Averix Bio ensures consistent quality from seed to shelf, forming the cornerstone of a corporate foundation built on traceability, transparency, and trust. Led by a world-class team with decades of cGMP and pharmaceutical experience, Averix Bio is on a mission to bring healthier cannabinoid-based medical solutions to patients around the world. For more information, visit www.averixbio.com.or contact Mark (mark@averixbio.com) or Daniel Wadsworth (daniel@averixbio.com) or contact at +1 252-220-0887.